Media Production & Event Management


At EventPro we take delight at giving the best quality of sound at your Exhibition, Concert, Live show or any other type of event.

Our Audio engineers are highly trained to give the best results at any environment. Crowded, open or closed spaces is not a problem as their training and experience enables them to adapt to bring out the absolute best results.

Audio Engineers in Kenya

Are you an Audio Engineer or would you like to Pursue career training in Audio Engineering?


At EventPro we have loads of opportunities to help you with your journey, whether its finding work to show your skills or training with us to forge your career path.




Our lighting design team is one of the best in the region with vast training and knowledge over the latest lighting technology and best lighting profiles needed to make your event memorable


Video Production

Make your occasion come to life in front of people’s eyes, highlighting the best features in an exciting and interesting way, and show visitors what they have been missing out on.
Our video production team is one to relish as their experience in capturing the best and valuable moments are unmatched whether live or pre-recorded your target audience will never feel like they missed anything. 

Graphic Design

Let our graphic designers tell your story in a creative and interesting way to enable your brand capture the attention of new audiences and grow your market.